Business automation

CRM-system is special software for small, medium and large businesses, which is used to automate customer service. Thanks to the CRM system, the complete history of relations with customers, clients and subcontractors is stored in one place, and all the collected data can be used in the work of each of the company’s employees.

The CRM system improves the quality and quantity of sales, increases the level of customer service (thanks to the “individual” approach to each of them), simplifies, accelerates and improves all business processes, allows the manager to monitor the work of each of his employees at each stage of the sale.

The CRM system in its essence combines marketing, sales and service into one whole combination, saves you and your employees from the time spent in vain searching for the necessary information, recording work reports, and instead allows you to focus purely on the client and his wishes . This will significantly reduce the time of the process of mutual understanding between your company’s employees and the client, and therefore, speed up revenue generation.

What does CRM include?

• Customer accounting
Saving the history of cooperation with all clients

• Sales management
Creation and adjustment of visual examples of sales, control of transaction stages

• Reporting and analytics
Creation of graphs, charts, tables

• Automation of business processes
Automatic setting of tasks, sending of letters, reminders

• Integration with IP telephony, mail, website, social networks and messengers
Whatever channel the buyer uses to contact the company, the request must be recorded in the CRM system, and all communication must be conducted only through it.

• API interface
For interaction with 1C, mobile programs and corporate software.

• Task management
The manager should instantly receive notifications about overdue and successfully completed tasks.

Laptop keyboard replacement

We repair and replace laptop keyboards of any model, any manufacturer.

Our warehouse contains a large number of keyboards from the most famous manufacturers: Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Packard Bell, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, etc. Extensive experience allows us to guarantee the successful replacement or repair of the keyboard of absolutely any laptop within 1-2 days.

Minor damage is repairable, whether it’s spilled tea on the keyboard or something similar, in which case the keyboard is disassembled, cleaned, washed and magically back to work.

If the damage is severe and the keyboard cannot be repaired at all, we will order a suitable one and install it on your laptop. It also happens that the damage on the keyboard is so minor that it simply does not make sense to change or repair the keyboard, since the problem is only 1-2 buttons, which brings discomfort during work.

In this case, our specialists carry out repairs promptly, quickly restoring damaged parts of the keyboard to working condition. Laptops are small in size, so their keyboards are also significantly smaller than desktop PC keyboards. This is the main reason for increased fragility of keyboards in laptops.

Our site promotion is your promotion to success!

Site promotion is a tool for the development of your business, and the effectiveness of the promotion directly affects the effectiveness of the business.

There are several ways to promote through the site
• SEO promotion
• Contextual advertising
• Social promotion

These methods are the main ones, but there are also additional tools for improving the promotion of the site. The main thing is not to miss this important aspect in the development of your business on the Internet as promotion through the site. Naturally, which of the promotion options is better to choose is up to you, but you must definitely entrust it to professionals.

SEO promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of actions that help potential customers quickly find your site in Google, Yandex (and other) search engines. The goal of SEO is to build robots’ trust in the resource.
This type of promotion requires time and a lot of work on the site, but the result is positive. The number of visitors to your site increases and, as a result, the profit of your business increases.

The guarantee of our success is professional work in several stages:

1. Selection of a set of key phrases that are most often found in site tests

2. Analysis of output by search engines based on keywords and phrases

3. Site code optimization, site content editing

4. Registration in directories, increasing the number of external links

5. Adding changed texts to the site

6. Monitoring of results

7. Achievement of goals:

– Increasing site traffic

– Increasing the company’s visibility

– Increased sales growth

– Increasing the company’s visibility

Contextual advertising

Contextual ads are more than just ads that are displayed according to the content of the web page they are placed on. Today, it is a powerful and highly accurate tool for reaching your potential customers online. With the help of modern tools that are now available in AdWords, you can very finely select your audience and convey your advertising message to them. Thus, by using AdWords, you make the most of your advertising budgets and get your customers quickly.
This method requires less waiting time for conversions to your site, but at the same time it is quite expensive, as it requires a budget for an advertising company in Google.

Promotion in social networks

SMM OR PROMOTION IN SOCIAL NETWORKS — a complex of works in social networks aimed at increasing the popularity of a brand, product or service, ensuring audience loyalty and growth of business KPIs.
Social networks bring together a huge audience that is potentially open to communication and instant feedback. That is why promotion in social networks is an effective tool that allows you to solve the most important PR tasks.


1. Studying the audience, drawing up a strategy.
2. Designing a travel guide, developing a content plan.
3. Involvement of the audience.
4. Support and guidance of travelers.
5. Targeted advertising.

IP-telephony – the union of the world of Telephony and the world of the Internet.

One of the main differences of this type of telephony compared to the traditional one is the low price without any loss of communication. This is primarily due to the fact that extensive networks of telephone exchanges, numerous telephone lines and satellite relays are no longer needed. Modern data compression technologies are used for telephony. Therefore, different types of data of different users can be transmitted simultaneously through one communication channel. And the communication channels themselves are high-speed and fully utilize their resources. Thus, an acceptable price for services is formed. However, if you add in more detail the advantages of this innovation, then you can cancel that the cost is far from the only plus, here are a few more

+ You will no longer need an expensive office PBX

+ Costs for international and long-distance calls are reduced by 3-5 times

+ You also have the opportunity to purchase several phone numbers of different cities or countries for one device and receive calls regardless of your location, which is especially important and convenient in the business sphere

+ The problem of busy line is solved. You order a forwarding on your PBX with a “busy” signal to the phone number of the IP-telephony server, which converts it into IP packets and sends it to the subscriber’s computer. The “Incoming call” icon appears on the subscriber’s computer, after clicking which it is possible to talk to the phone

+ Voice data and fax messages are transmitted using IP – the main set of Internet protocols, this solution automatically provides access to the resources of the Network, which means that there is an opportunity to significantly save on renting communication lines and paying for services

It is obvious that IP-telephony has a future and our company will gladly help you get one step closer to it!

Remote support

Time is the highest value. Remote PC support is a solution to current problems, saving time and money. This is operational assistance in the operation of specialized programs, assistance with OS setup, antivirus programs, and any other problems that may arise during the work process.

The principle of operation is simple: to receive remote assistance from our company, you will need an Internet connection with a speed of at least 256 Kbit/s, now this requirement can be fulfilled by almost any provider, so there should be no problems. After downloading and running the Team Viewer program, you should communicate the ID number and password to our employee, after which he will be able to see only what is happening on your screen, as well as control the keyboard and mouse.

Many clients have concerns about the security of remote access, we are in a hurry